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Theater lovers - Bosatrade


Theater lovers? Here is the perfect gift!

For lovers of design and theatre, the Bosa Theater Hayon collection, created by renowned designer Jaime Hayon, represents a perfect fusion of art, functionality and expression. This unique line of vases and teapots is not only a tribute to ceramic craftsmanship, but also a celebration of the theatricality and irony that characterize Hayon's work.

This series stands out for its playful and creative approach to the design of household objects. Each piece is like an actor who plays elegance and luxury on the home stage, where the candle holders, vases and teapots are transformed into colorful characters who "speak" through funny and amusing expressions. The irony and liveliness with which these precious artefacts were conceived bring whimsical and cheerful stories to every corner of the house, making each piece not just a decorative object, but a true story teller.

The Teatro Vaso Maestro is one of the most emblematic creations of this series. Made with meticulous precision, it reflects the excellence of contemporary design using a palette of brilliant shades and through the innovative use of shapes, it highlights the Chinese shadows that decorate it. It is also adorned with Hayon's distinctive iconography and enriched with elegant metallic finishes, much more than just a flower vessel: it is a work of art that captures attention and stimulates conversation. A wonderful gift for fans of comedy and the world of entertainment.

The Georgi Tulip Vase and the Geopablo Vase, both part of the same collection, display a white glossy glaze with precious details and bizarre shapes. The former is embellished with luxurious details in gold and red, while the Geopablo features brushstrokes in black, green and gold, offering a visual variety that captures the essence of the entire work.

The Takuya Double Vase, with its double structure, is ideal for those who love more elaborate floral arrangements. Its original structure was designed taking inspiration from Japanese Geishas. It also sports a glossy white enamel embellished with black, red and gold inserts, combining functionality and aesthetics impeccably.

Theater Hayon's aesthetic is not only an expression of Jaime Hayon's talent, but is also a tribute to the skill of the Bosa artisans who craft each piece by hand. The variation in colors and finishes, due to the artisanal nature of the production, ensures that each sculpture is unique, just like in a real theatrical performance. A sort of exclusivity and good first time!

For those looking to bring a touch of sophistication and individuality to their spaces, or want to give something unique to design and theater lovers, this collection offers the best that human creative imagination has achieved. Each piece is not just an object to admire, but an invitation to celebrate the daily domestic dramaturgy with a smile.

Bosa Trade offers an incredible possibility of original gifts for any taste and need! Take a look at our site and let inspiration guide you!
Furnishing nature - BosaTrade


Furnishing nature: T-Table collection by Jaime Hayon

Over the last few years, the shapes, lines and design of contemporary furnishing objects have undergone a transformation where nature and functionality merge and transcend their pure utility to become expressions of art and beauty. A perfect example of this trend is the T-Table collection, conceived by the renowned Spanish designer Jaime Hayon for Bosa Ceramiche, a leading company in the production of luxury objects and aesthetic refinement.
This series stands out for the unique inspiration that drives it: a family of wild mushrooms, transformed into furnishing objects that celebrate the organic splendor and ingenuity of design.
The T table, at the center of this collection, is a piece that embodies the essence of simplicity combined with organicity. It is made of white ceramic, with hand-decorated black or 24kt gold decorations. This particular object is a tribute to natural elegance and versatility. The choice of materials, in addition to giving a touch of elegance, reflects particular attention to quality and sustainability, increasingly relevant elements in the modern world.

The function of the T is multiple: designed to be easy to move and transport, it can serve both as a practical support next to a chair, a sofa or a deckchair, and as a decorative element of refined wonder.
It is perfect for any environment, from the home to the workplace, adapting with discretion and elegance to different styles and needs.
The idea of ​​grouping multiple T tables together, evoking a small group of mushrooms in the forest gives it an extra level of charm. This configuration not only enhances the aesthetic aspect of the whole, creating a focal point of great visual impact, but also offers flexibility of use, allowing the surrounding space to be better modulated.
Jaime Hayon once again demonstrates his ability to blend art, practicality and nature into unique creations. His vision of design as a means to explore and interpret natural beauty is reflected in each of his works, inviting observers to a new appreciation of the world around us through a more attentive and contemporary gaze.
In an era in which the search for harmony between the built and natural environments is more important than ever, the T-Table collection emerges as its ideal and luminous representation. It inspires, innovates and, above all, brings people closer to nature in unexpected and deeply meaningful ways.
With its fusion of aesthetics, functionality and commitment to sustainability, Jaime Hayon's work becomes a milestone by offering a new way of thinking about a real nature of furniture not only as a complement to the living space, but as an extension of it. vital and inspiring extension.

Hopebird by Jaime Hayon


Hopebird by Jaime Hayon: when art gives optimism and hope

In the world of design and art, few creations have the ability to convey powerful messages through beauty and aesthetic finesse. The Hopebird collection, designed by the renowned Jaime Hayon, is an excellent example of how an object can be both an artistic work, a symbol of hope, and a perfect gift.

These precious sculptures are not merely tabletop objects but a true manifesto of optimism and love for the unknown of what will come. Expertly crafted by Bosa, a leading ceramics company, each piece is hand-painted with a precision that verges on perfection, adorned with special decorations and 24 kt gold, elements that add a touch of unparalleled luxury and charm.

The collection is distinguished by its limited availability, with only 99 pieces produced per design, making each Hopebird an exclusive addition to any collection or living space. Hayon's design reflects a deep sense of hope and positivity: the sculptural bird stands proud and tall, with its gaze fixed on the horizon, as if encouraging anyone who observes it to maintain an optimistic view of the future, regardless of the challenges that may arise.

The combination of colors, glossy white and shiny gold, not only highlights Bosa's craftsmanship and the artist's delicate talent but also symbolizes purity and preciousness, qualities that are inherently linked to the message of trust and perspective it aims to convey.

Gifting a Hopebird means conveying a message of encouragement, love, and promise towards the yet-to-come time. It is an ideal gift for anyone at a crossroads in life, for those seeking inspiration, or simply for those who appreciate the refined beauty of art and design.

In an era characterized by uncertainties and rapid changes, this collection emerges as a beacon of positivity. It is a daily reminder that, despite adversities, we can always choose to remain optimistic and look forward with a certain faith in the beautiful things that will happen.

For those in search of a unique and meaningful gift that speaks directly to the heart and soul, Jaime Hayon's Hopebird is an impeccable choice. Not only will it add a touch of elegance to any environment, but it will also serve as a constant reminder of the importance of keeping hope alive, day after day.

An investment in beauty, art, and positivity. A gift that transcends the material to deeply touch the recipient, inviting them to lift their gaze to the horizon and embrace the future with a heart full of optimism.

Women's Day


Women's Day: Gift a Bosa Trade Collection

With the arrival of spring, the surrounding world awakens in an explosion of colors and vitality, offering us the opportunity to renew our spirit and connections with our loved ones. This time of the year brings with it a very special celebration: March 8th, International Women's Day. This date represents a moment of reflection on the importance of women in society, celebrating their successes and acknowledging the challenges they still face. But what to gift on this particular day?

In this context of celebration and renewal, Bosa Trade presents a collection dedicated to women: the Sisters Collection. This exclusive series of white ceramic vase-sculptures is the result of the creativity of artist Pepa Reverter, who, through her works, pays tribute to the female figure across cultures and time. Born in Barcelona, the collection reflects a cosmopolitan and Mediterranean vision, highlighting beauty and strength through unique and meaningful design objects.

The Sisters Collection consists of five hand-painted vases named Louise, Frida, Sofia, Helen, and Clara; each with its own identity and story. These names evoke imaginary women, sisters bound by bonds of experience, happiness, and care, who love the beauty of freedom and independence and convey light and harmony with their creative forms.

Beyond their impeccable aesthetics, these sculptures represent a tribute to diversity and female creativity. Each piece is a true story, enriching domestic environments not only with their physical presence but also with their profound meaning. For example, Clara's more romantic version features a heart in vivid red and satin white, embellished with shining precious metals—a symbol of the love and passion every woman carries within.

Over the years, this splendid collection has been continuously enriched with new colors, textures, and decorative details, showcasing Pepa Reverter's artistic evolution and commitment to celebrating femininity in all its forms. From its debut in 2015 to the latest additions, each piece becomes a witness to a creative journey spanning cultures, eras, and styles.

Celebrating March 8th alongside artist Reverter offers an opportunity to reflect on the importance of women in our society and daily lives. Choosing a piece from the Sisters Collection means bringing a fragment of art into your home that celebrates women, their strength, beauty, and the incomparable ability to inspire and renew the world around us. Similarly, gifting it to a loved one means offering not only a high-design product but also a symbol of female strength and tenacity.

Bosa Trade provides an incredible opportunity for original gifts for International Women's Day! Check out our website and let inspiration guide you!

Tea cups


Tea cups: a classic, revisited, timeless

In the captivating and refined ritual of tea ceremonies, ceramic tea cups stand as authentic protagonists of a journey through time and cultures. Objects of both decoration and functionality, they have deep roots in millennia-old history, providing a tangible connection to ancient traditions and distant civilizations.

If you are a fan of the world's most famous tea ritual, in this article, we will explore the enchanting and revolutionary collections available at Bosa, which redefine the delicate concept of the typical tea cup, intertwining the beauty of art with the depth of history.

A symphony of colors and simplicity

Francesca Bosa's Thin Bowl presents a masterpiece of small bowls that combine in a mix of vibrant nuances. The magic lies in their simplicity, where craftsmanship perfection merges with chromatic boldness. The bowls, crafted with colored glazes and precious metals, transform every table into a unique visual experience. Devoid of the classic small handle, they reminiscent of Japanese tea bowls.

The magic of the Far East in ceramics

Elena Salmistraro then transports us into a world of detailed textures with the Escamas Rabat series. These cups, true works of art, feature 3D textures inspired by nature and Arab decorations. This line is divided into two models, Kora and Rabat, both adorned with colored glazes and glossy gold. Each sip becomes a tactile and visual experience, in the perfect regal style of the East.

Small but precious

Jaime Hayon's Table Collection is no less, an elegant proposal that transforms the table into a stage of sophistication. Made of stoneware and glossy white enamel, these delicate masterpieces are adorned with black decorations and 24-carat gold details. The manual process applied to each piece makes them unique, while the numerous graphic variations offer options for every taste. An extraordinary elegance that adds a touch of luxury to the environment.

In conclusion, Bosa's decorative mastery fully manifests itself through the creation of extraordinary tea cups. The showcased collections embody the splendor of creativity and craftsmanship perfection. Aimed at those who appreciate high-level design, they transform the daily act of enjoying tea into an experience that goes beyond mere functionality, elevating each piece to an authentic work of art. Whether you are a ceramics enthusiast or wish to immerse yourself in the regal elegance of everyday life, Bosa offers the perfect choice to infuse a timeless style, turning every sip into a moment of refinement and enchantment. Discover much more on our website!



Pantone 13-1023, where delicacy paints 2024

The Pantone Color System, renowned for anticipating color trends through its Color of the Year, has finally announced that 2024 will be dominated by Peach Fuzz. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, introduced it by defining it as: "A shade that resonates with compassion, offers a tactile embrace, and effortlessly bridges the young with the eternal."

Empathy translates into color

Once again, the selection is not random and reflects a thoughtful consideration in relation to our current needs: given the recent global events and the historical period we are living in, Peach Fuzz translates into a quest for peace and serenity, combined with a deep desire for connection with others. Subtly sensual, this hue presents itself as a tactile shade, an invitation to be reached and touched, offering a fresh approach capable of conveying kindness. Raise your hand, then, if you are ready for novel sensations!

Carefree and serene

Thus, in art, design, and fashion, Pantone's next year's hue embodies the joie de vivre that embraces various aspects of human existence, becoming an anthem to life. Not to be forgotten is its empirical dimension derived from a detailed scientific analysis by the Pantone Team: this also makes it novel and capable of appealing even to the most discerning tastes.

Rediscover harmony, dissolve shadows!

Peach Fuzz, acclaimed as the key color of 2024, invites reconnecting with the vitality of spring, dissolving every trace of darkness or threatening cloud on the horizon. Moreover, with its velvety freshness, it emphasizes the importance of leaving dark times behind in favor of a newfound balance and delicacy. Characterized by soft yet enveloping tones, Peach Fuzz exudes the beauty of the summer afternoon sunlight, creating a sense of intimacy and protection. That's why we at Maison Bosa were immediately fascinated by it! For us, it was love at first sight, and for you?

Falling in love with a shade: it's possible!

Whether you are a design enthusiast, a fashion or architecture expert, Peach Fuzz could become the revealing hue of your 2024, bringing with it an entirely new energy. And you, what do you think of Pantone 13-1023? Would you choose it as a dreamy mood for your spaces, or do you prefer less vibrant tones? Whatever your taste, discover all the proposals from Maison Bosa to decorate your spaces with your heart's nuances!



Christmas gift


Discover designer items for the perfect Christmas gift!

Every year, every December, the same concern arises: finding the perfect gift! A true treasure hunt to surprise our loved ones and avoid the mundane. But fear not! We at Bosa are here to inspire you and offer suggestions that will turn your search into a practical and easy adventure!

Our artifacts are not just objects; their quality is reflected in their careful craftsmanship and carries a unique soul. They are products that spread positivity thanks to their intrinsic authenticity. The creation process of each element represents the result of dedication, continuous research, and expertise.

In this article, we will delve into Bosa's exceptional collections, offering tips and creative ideas to surprise family, friends, and anyone you want to honor this holiday season. Are you ready to explore the most extraordinary ideas?

Let's see some examples together.
The creations of the Domsai collection prove to be the ideal companion for those with a true passion for plants. Gracefully positioned on the office desk, Domsai transforms into faithful advisors, reminding observers that plants are not simple vegetables but harbor a unique soul and personality.

Pieces from the Domlite line, on the other hand, reveal themselves as authentic romantic cupids, ready to illuminate knowing faces during midsummer dinners. They are more than mere decorative objects; they can transform even the work routine into a lighter and more charming experience.

For lovers of tiny, delicate things of the highest quality and sophistication, Jaime Hayon's Table Collection Set Tazze is the perfect choice. Three table gems made of stoneware and glossy white enamel, with wonderful black decorations and details in precious 24kt gold.

If, instead, the gift is intended for a friend passionate about puzzles, Riccardo Schweizer's sculpture is for you! Cubo Bibita is a fantastic everyday object composed of two jugs and ten glasses that, thanks to the ingenious interlocking design, becomes a precise geometric figure once assembled.

These are just a small selection of the many incredible ideas for finding perfect designer items to give at Christmas! Take a look at our website and let yourself be guided by inspiration!

Most Illustrious Alessandro


Design furniture: new "Most Illustrious" collection by Elena Salmistraro

Over the years, a special bond has increasingly developed between designers and their works, an intimate connection that transforms designers into creators and defines them through what they create. We at Maison Bosa are particularly aligned with this thought, and together with Elena Salmistraro, we have created "Most Illustrious," a tribute to the masters of Italian artistic design and furniture. We have managed to capture the soul and essence of four great names: Achille Castiglioni, Riccardo Dalisi, Michele De Lucchi, and Alessandro Mendini.

Achille Castiglioni
It all begins with Achille Castiglioni, paying homage to his lasting influence in the world of industrial design. The sculpture reflects the artist's features fused with the shapes of his works. The base, in fact, recalls the famous Mezzadro stool, designed in 1957 using a tractor seat as a base. Castiglioni transformed an industrial object into a functional and surprising aesthetic piece.

Riccardo Dalisi
We then move on to three other illustrious names, such as Riccardo Dalisi. This sculpture sees the transformation of the master into one of his most famous creations, the Caffettiera Cupola: the colors and lines perfectly recall a traditional moka from southern Italy, but with eyeglasses.

Michele De Lucchi and Alessandro Mendini
Salmistraro's ceramic works are more than simple sculptures. They are totemic objects that tell the story of each creator. We see this again with the statuette representing Michele De Lucchi and his famous Kristal table or Alessandro Mendini and the Proust armchair. Both are decorated with a series of ornamental motifs, including geometric shapes and abstract patterns that recall both the author and the created object.

Fusion of sets: history and inspiration
The young sculptor has managed, through the skillful use of colored enamels and thanks to the precise realization by Bosa's ovens, to capture the essence of her inspirer. A tribute that goes beyond the surface, a true celebration of ideas and visions channeled into a wonderful object of contemporary art. In a very meaningful way, "Most Illustrious" demonstrates that every designer is what they create. These iconic works have contributed to shaping and educating the perspectives and tastes of many people, including Elena Salmistraro. As she states, it was not necessary for these masters to present themselves or tell their ideas; their creations spoke for themselves, clearly conveying who they were and what their vision was.

A modest and affectionate tribute
The Milanese sculptor has created a simple but tender tribute to those who have influenced her creative path. This series represents a unique opportunity to see the world through the eyes of an artist who, as she grows, pays extraordinary homage to the legacy left by distinguished designers. It is an invitation to reflect on how contemporary design can shape our world and leave an indelible mark on our lives.

If art is your passion and you want to enhance your home or give the gift of such meaningful sculptures, visit our online shop. This is just one of the many magnificent collections signed by Bosa!


Maison & Objet 2023

Maison et Objet 2023 Maison et Objet 2023
Gifts for Wedding


Unique Gifts for a Wedding: Discover Bosa!

Have you been invited to a wedding and don't know what to give the couple? A Bosa product can be an excellent choice. We are a modern and innovative artisanal ceramic Maison, where each object conveys timeless artistic beauty. Our craftsmen, thanks to their skills, will be able to offer you the best wedding gift ideas. In fact, today, classic artifacts such as functional household items are among the most requested wedding gifts. In our assortment, you will definitely find something suitable, thanks to the wide selection of decorations and patterns we offer. Let's discover together our best-selling items for wedding gifts!

Giulietta and Romeo, an indelible love

If the couple loves cooking and appreciates practical objects, you might consider the Giulietta and Romeo collection with its elegant set of plates for two people. This service is unique for its geometric shapes, a cube and a sphere that can be taken apart and reassembled at will, telling the fascinating love story of Romeo and Juliet through the creativity of designer Riccardo Schweizer. For an even more special gift, you could accompany the set with the Cubo Bibita collection, a set of glasses with a tray and two jugs with perfect lines, essential forms, and space-saving, thanks to interlocking games. With just these two products, you can amaze them by giving them something they have never seen before, leaving everyone speechless!

Owls, bearers of luck

In many cultures, owls and owlets are considered symbols of wisdom, intelligence, and stunning beauty. Owls articles, with their elegance, become daily bearers of luck. Is there a better wish for the newlyweds?

A tender embrace

If, on the other hand, you had something more practical and versatile in mind, our Umbravase vases might be what you're looking for! Available in different shades of matte or glossy enamel, these products are characterized by an embracing shape that holds the flowers as if lovingly embracing them, just like the couple celebrating their love. And that's not all! Did you know that, in addition to keeping up with the latest trends, they can be transformed into elegant umbrella stands? Their versatility is one of the distinctive features of every Bosa item! Be inspired by our selection of delicate ceramics and choose the one that best reflects the taste and personality of the couple! Just keep in mind that when choosing a wedding gift, you should not only consider one person's preferences but both.

According to us at Bosa, couple gifts, especially those for the home, are the perfect solution to surprise the couple with something that symbolizes their union. Visit our website or our social media channels to discover and purchase our finest creations: we are certain that you will love the chosen gifts so much that when it's your turn, you will create your wedding registry with us! Or, if you have already found your better half, you will already have the inspiration ready for when your special moment arrives.

Artisan Ceramics


Artisan Ceramics: the fascinating world of handmade

What is more beautiful than a handmade product packaged with great care and passion? Creating an article in maiolica is a long and patient process that can encounter many obstacles and failures along the way. Let's see together how artisanal ceramics are made!

Modeling and drying: transforming raw materials into spectacular masterpieces

The first phase involves the processing, which can be done using techniques such as coil building, slab construction, or with the help of a pottery wheel. Once the desired shape is achieved, the material needs to dry to reach the ideal consistency, known as 'leather-hard.' Drying involves removing the water from the clay through evaporation. The required drying times are not always the same (typically ranging from 10 to 20 days), and they can vary depending on the thickness and size of the product.

This stage is very delicate, as it is likely that our work may break or get damaged. Years of experience from our staff allow us to implement essential precautions to make these unpleasant incidents impossible.

Bisque firing: from fragile to durable

Once the 'leather-hard' stage is reached, the artifact is refined and sponge-smoothed to eliminate any imperfections and impurities. At this point, it is ready for the first firing, called 'bisque firing.' The firing times vary depending on the size of the piece, and the object can only be removed from the kiln after it has completely cooled down. At this moment, the object transitions from fragile to durable!

Glazing: a complex technique

If everything has gone well so far, we move on to glazing, a technique that requires meticulousness, practice, and expertise. Before proceeding, the product must be carefully dusted to remove any residue with compressed air or a slightly damp sponge, but caution must be exercised to avoid rubbing before glazing. Residues on the hands could, in fact, close the pores, preventing the even absorption of the glaze. During this procedure, it is essential to carefully apply the right and uniform amount of glaze to the surface to prevent imperfections from forming after firing. Each item is immersed in the liquid glaze and cleaned, with any necessary refinements, to achieve the highest quality. At this point, it is ready to be handed over to the decorators, who will add color and style to the creation.

Bosa offers an incomparable range of colors as this process is carried out solely with products from our workshop.

The only limit to decoration is imagination

Subsequently, decoration can be carried out, which, in our case, is done by hand. It is important to determine the exact color density to counteract any imperfections. After that, the already glazed and decorated artifact becomes maiolica.

The genesis of our product is completed

Next, the final firing takes place, during which the glazes and colors fuse at 720°C, ensuring their authenticity and making the decoration indelible and resistant to atmospheric agents. After this final stage, the object is ready to be displayed and admired by our customers! Our ceramics are entirely handmade, and it is precisely this aspect that makes them unique and precious. Of course, being a living material, it is possible for unexpected events to occur at any time during the process, but it is these challenges that make the ceramist even more determined and passionate about what they do.

If reading this article has conveyed our passion to you and you are curious to see our unique and high-quality products, hurry and visit our website to discover all the Made in Italy items that the world of Bosa offers you!

viva magenta



It's the most wonderful time of the year: Pantone has finally announced the main color of 2023! The year that's just begun will still bear the mark of many uncertainties and difficulties inherited from its predecessor and that's why we'll have to face it with a new spirit. The color of 2023 had therefore to be loaded with an intense, strong and vital shade like Magenta. Let's find it out together!

Viva Magenta wants to embody the combative, organic and resilient energy of those who use it in their works and it is thanks to these characteristics that the world of art, fashion and design already love it. It is a hybrid crimson red tone, neither warm nor cold, like its conceptual structure which lies between the physical and the virtual.

In a historical period where technology prevails and in which we increasingly seek inspiration from nature and from what is tangible, the new Pantone 18-1750 derives from the family of the cochineal red, one of the most precious natural dyes, as well as one of the most pigmented and brilliant ever discovered. With its strong roots linked to the primordial, it is a nuance that reconnects us to the original material capable of galvanizing the spirit, helping us to be even more daring and courageous. This dynamic mix exudes rebellion, without limiting softness: Viva Magenta, in fact, embodies an expression of grace that aims to inspire us, while inviting us to introduce ourselves with trust and humanity to others, trying to work on ourselves to deepen our empathy.

This shade therefore aims to unite the cold technological reality that grips today's society with the natural desire for company and courage that has always distinguished manhood. That's something incredible, isn't it? At Bosa, year after year, we are always fascinated by the multiple meanings that a "simple" color can convey!

Moreover, did you know that to celebrate the birth of the new color Pantone has also organized an exhibition in collaboration with Artechouse of Miami? It is an immersive experience that combines traditional forms of exhibition with rooms completely designed by the Midjourney artificial intelligence!

Has Viva Magenta already managed to conquer you? Have you already thought about which of your rooms it could embellish? If the answer to both questions is yes, all you have to do is discover all the red proposals of the Maison Bosa! Visit our online shop, a world where Made in Italy and creativity await you and will leave you speechless!

Pantone 1755C


Pantone 1755 C: the most ancient colour on Earth

The Pantone Colour System is a standardised colour matching system that every year, in December, announces the eagerly awaited colour of the Year, i.e. a trend prediction of the colour that will be most used in many sectors, starting from design and fashion. 2023 will be the year of Viva Magenta, but lately a nuance has managed to arouse magical suggestions and a profound reflection in us: the colour of Biodiversity!

Pantone, as we all know, is famous for defending and promoting the rights of both the environment and individuals through the definition of "special" colours, designed with the aim of raising awareness on important issues or transferring complex concepts. This is the case of Pantone 1755 C, the colour of Biodiversity, whose vibrant pink tone takes inspiration from the oldest pigment on Earth, discovered in marine sedimentary rocks, and more particularly in some fossils belonging to ancient organisms in West Africa.

This Pantone is inspired by an extract from rocks from the depths of the Sahara desert because, as Dr. Nur Gueneli of the ANU Research School of Earth Sciences explains “the bright pink pigments are molecular fossils of chlorophyll produced by ancient photosynthetic organisms that lived in a ancient ocean that is long gone.”

The goal of the colour of Biodiversity is then to convey a strong awareness-raising message to people and institutions, inviting everyone to think about the risks of our actions on the loss of biological diversity. We all know, in fact, how "biodiversity is the variety of living species on earth, plants, animals and microorganisms and the ecosystems they form, which create an earthly balance that supports all life", but often we do not act accordingly.

Moreover, this colour reminds us of the advantage we would all take by reconnecting with nature both with our spirit and our actions. Why do we like it so much, in addition to its special meaning? Simply put, because it's pink! In fact, not everyone knows that pink's different shades have a calming effect on us and help our creativity by giving positivity, inspiring comforting feelings and instilling in us a warm feeling of optimism. In short, the Pantone 1755 C knows how to restore emotional energies that alleviate any emotion of discouragement or anger, especially in complicated moments.

And you, what do you think of Pantone 1755 C? Would you use it for your home or would you prefer to opt for different colours? Whatever your taste may be, discover all the Maison Bosa proposals to decorate your rooms with your favourite colours!

Primates Kandti


Biophilic design: when life becomes inspiration

Lately a deep interest has arisen in the terms Biophilia and Biophilic Design. If you've never heard of them, here's an in-depth analysis on an extremely contemporary theme!

According to Biophilia, one cannot live a healthy life away from nature and man needs this direct contact as much as he needs food and oxygen. This last frontier of design thinking has always existed, but has only been theorised for a few decades. In summary, the term Biophilia defines pure love for life, because what is a vital instinct favors the development of both the psyche and human behavior. As humans, in fact, we have an innate propensity towards what is alive and manifests itself through a constant search for contact with the elements of the natural and animal world.

This thought permeating our lives, ça va sans dire, can only be reflected in design and this is precisely the origin of biophilic design, which is based on the idea of connection between man and nature in artificial spaces, both indoors and outdoor, through the use of materials and colors that recall nature, as well as surfaces with rounded lines that reflect the characteristics of plants and water. At the Maison Bosa, we are always up-to-date on news and trends in our field, so we created some collections inspired by nature and the animal world, in full compliance with these theories. Let's find them out together!

Domsai, the origin of man

The Domsai are loyal advisors to keep on your office desk, to remind us that plants have a soul as well as their own personality. A small greenhouse that increases the desire to create, and work and have fun.

Owls, the little observants

There is a magical and mysterious world that comes to mind when we observe these beautiful creatures that bring luck, the only ones to have big front eyes like us humans: owls!

Primates Kandti, the wild man

The monkey is the animal that most evokes man in the shape of its body, in its looks and in its movements: a powerful similarity that fascinates us and that inspired the project, which evokes our bond with our true origin.

These are just a few examples: let yourself be inspired by the unmistakable style of Maison Bosa's design products, browse our online catalog and discover all our creations!

Milan Design Week


Milan Design Week: a hymn to orange in all its forms

Milan Design Week, ça va sans dire, is the most awaited event of the year for the furniture sector because it encompasses art, design and fashion in all their contaminations. This year it was more special than ever, because it marked the return of live events and brought many people to visit the stands of international artists and designers. Wandering around the fair, we identified the undisputed protagonist of this year: orange, with its immediacy that leaves no room for any reasoned consideration and represents a trend that we will certainly hear about in the upcoming months.

This blend of passion and positivity turns into a luminous color that implies energy, lightheartedness, reassurance and a great desire to live! And we, as promoters of joy and happiness, collected our best products in this trendy shade, let's discover them together!

Issima! when old meets new

Ancient and contemporary shapes draw sinuous landscapes with soft colors, capable of enriching your table for lunches or dinners and much more! It's an easy way to show your attention to detail, according to the most up-to-date fashion!

Infinity Clock, a dance that follows time

The hands and their cycles create a visual dance that constantly evolves, thanks to rotations combined with the swirling oscillations of the clock. With their dynamism, they remind us that this moment is unique and real and that it is therefore essential to live it to the fullest!

Momonsters, the representation of emotions

Some emotional states, sometimes forgotten, are connected to events that have occurred, to our short life experiences or simple, even insignificant, actions that generate a memory. Our monsters are the image of these fleeting and past emotions, as well as the key to recollect them in our minds. The term "monster" is in fact not derogatory at all: in Latin it means prodigy, something extraordinary, just as extraordinary it is to remember the emotions that emanate from sensations and places!

If you want to add an original touch to your home and keep up with current trends, you can find these creations in different shades of orange, as well as in many other colors! Browse our online catalogue, discover our creations and find the artwork that best represents you!


Milano Design Week 2022

Milano Design Week 2022



The iconic Smiley® icon is 50 years old and, to celebrate this important anniversary, Bosa is pleased to present new objets d’art: two special editions of its DAB PENGUIN designed by Vittorio Gennari, released alongside a limited edition set of 3 SPHERES decorated by artist André Saraiva especially for this occasion.

DAB PENGUIN ‘wears’ the iconic smile in two different versions by Smiley® Design Studio, both of which highlight the artistic and ideological affinity of two companies that have always spread joy and positive energy through their distinctive creations.

The first, Happy Penguin, has a multitude of smiles cleverly positioned to emphasize the interplay of light and shadow which defines his three-dimensional ceramic structure. The result? A veritable cascade of happiness to enliven the everyday, coupled with a profound message: true richness lies in having a warm, open attitude, capable of enriching the people and the world around us. Flex Penguin, on the other hand, takes us back to the origins of the dab, a pose that came up in the American hip hop scene (which his diamond necklace ironically refers to). A simple gesture that, since its invention, has symbolized affirmation and the courage to be yourself!

Finally, the limited edition set of 3 spheres: with their exuberant combination of hues, icons and graffiti, they make every space playful and colourful, conveying a message of resistance despite the problems and difficulties that we face every day. It’s a great mantra to keep in mind, right?

With this tribute to the famous Smiley® icon, Bosa is sending out an extremely positive message: let’s remember to practice the art of cheerfulness every day, never give up, and always take the time to smile!


Paris 24-28th March 2022

Paris 24th 28th March 2022
Bosa Smiley


The small domestic sculptures "smile" for the 50th Anniversary of Smiley

The small domestic sculptures, best seller of Bosa's catalog, "smile" thanks to the bright colors and funny graphics by André Saraiva for the 50th Anniversary of Smiley. Set of 3 spheres (ø20xh.19, ø16xh.15, ø10xh.9) made of ceramic and colored enamels. Limited edition, handmade in Italy in Bosa high craftsmanship workshop.
Very Peri



The choice of the Pantone Color of the Year is the result of a careful evaluation and analysis of trends: therefore, each year the experts of the Pantone Color Institute conduct an in-depth search for new influences in terms of color. These influences can come from the most varied fields: they can, in fact, derive from new technologies, or textures as well as from social media platforms. Are you ready to discover the 2022 color of the year?

2022 will be characterised by Very Peri, a brave color that stimulates inventiveness, shows a carefree confidence and a bold curiosity capable of activating creativity. The curious and intriguing Pantone of the year helps us embrace this altered landscape of possibilities, opening the doors to an unprecedented vision of our lives and placing the future under a new light.

We live in an age of continuous transformations and as we emerge from an intense period of isolation, which has led to a change in our notions and our lifestyles and that now lead us to create new real and digital lives. Digital design helps us to extend the limits of reality, opening the door to a virtual world where you can explore and have new possibilities. An example? The much talked about Metaverse, thanks to which digital artists can create a modern life in the physical world and vice versa.

"The Pantone Color of the Year reflects what is happening in our global culture, expressing what people are looking for in a color they hope to be the answer. By creating a new color for the first time in the history of our educational color program, we reflect innovation and the global transformation taking place. As society continues to recognise color as a fundamental form of communication and a way of expressing, influencing and creating ideas and emotions, of involvement and connection, the complexity of this new red-purple-infused blue hue highlights the boundless possibilities that unfold ahead of us. ” said Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute.

Embracing the qualities of blues but at the same time possessing a purple-red undertone, Very Peri displays a lively and joyful attitude, a dynamic presence with great imaginative expressiveness. No wonder, therefore, of the magnetism and appeal of this new shade. Are you ready to let yourself be fascinated by it?




Every year, as Christmas approaches, the race for gifts also begins. Have you already thought about what to give to your loved ones and friends? Bosa is here to provide you with some suggestions!

For those who love design and are always up-to-date with the latest home trends, a unique piece of furniture can truly be an unforgettable gift. Our products are not simple pieces of furniture but are the result of the creativity of our artists and the hand of our masters of ceramics, who put all their expertise into creating unique pieces.

Let's take a look at our fantastic collections together, shall we?

Here are some ideas by Bosa to amaze relatives and friends and with something special:

If you are looking for an exclusive and unique surprise, the Sphere collection is perfect for modern and precise people who love to experiment and put themselves in the game. Designed to be arranged in an orderly or in a messy way, above a table or even on a bookcase, these playful and colorful spheres give a playful and lively touch to any empty space.

Are you looking for a gift for a person who loves cooking, who is always in a hurry and needs practical objects to minimize wasted time without giving up on well-finished aesthetics? If the answer is yes, discover the Twins collection: a single cruet that can contain two different products. Brilliant, isn't it?

If, on the other hand, the gift you are looking for is for a nature lover, the Primates series of vases will be absolutely perfect: their refined ceramic and their details and colorful textures will surprise anyone.

These are just a few examples, discover all the collections in the fantastic world of Bosa and let yourself be inspired for your most heartfelt Christmas gifts!




Color, joy and cheerfulness were the keywords of the setting staged by Bosa at the Supersalone in Milan, where there were many characters from the imaginative Maison. Alongside the most famous vases, tables and décor accessories, a place of honor was reserved for Mickey and Minnie, the most iconic products designed by Jaime Hayon. Let's find out more together!

Mickey Mouse is a character with a determined and optimistic personality who manages to conquer all kinds of audiences. Since his debut in 1928, he has been the ambassador of the Walt Disney Company.

The 90th anniversary of his birth took place in 2018 and Disney wanted to celebrate him through numerous events and initiatives around the world. Bosa and the designer Elena Salmistraro were chosen to represent Italy: in her collaboration with the brand, in fact, the creator of numerous best sellers imagined the famous mouse with shorts with strong street-art decorations combined with studded nails and shoes, as well as three-dimensional textures that transform this character into a modern metropolitan hero.

Such an important occasion, however, obviously required an exceptional companion for Mickey and who better than Minnie could have occupied the space next to the birthday boy? In fact, the protagonist of the Supersalone exhibition space was Minnie Urban Minerva, who arrived to support Mickey Forever Young!

With Minnie, Elena Salmistraro has reinvented another iconic Disney character, a modern metropolitan goddess, full of energy and with an ultra-fashion look with her big bow. Minnie is entirely made of ceramic and embellished with glazes and bright colors that perfectly convey all her liveliness and joy. Thanks to the three-dimensional patterns and the special glossy / matt effects, an extremely modern look was created for her: short red jacket, leggings with street art decorations, huge rings and bracelets and the very famous super glam polka dot miniskirt.

Throughout 2021, the two Disney outsiders will be available in limited editions: unique objects, with small imperfections in the ceramic surface, tangible proof of the work done entirely by hand to create them, as well as a manifestation of attention to the quality of the material and the care for smaller details.

Discover Mickey and Minnie, as well as all the imaginative ceramic collections signed by Bosa Trade!


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