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We inform you of the following about Art. 13 of Legislative Decree dated June 30th, 2003, No. 196 and its provisions to "Protection of persons and other subjects with regard to processing of personal data":


The data provided by you (hereinafter referred to as the "Data") in the specific Site sections may be subject to collection, recording, organization, storage, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blockage, communication, diffusion, cancellation and destruction ("Processing") in accordance with the Law and with confidentiality obligations.


Data shall be processed for the purposes specified in the following, even in connection with or instrumental to Bosa di Italo Bosa Srl activities and, in particular: accounting, taxation, commercial, marketing, advertising and statistical activities, delivery of advertising and informative materials, direct product or services sales or placement activities.


In relation with these purposes, Data Processing shall take place through data processing and/or telematic instruments or on hardcopy and, in any case, through use of instruments that are suitable for ensuring security and confidentiality.


The owner company of data processing is Bosa di Italo Bosa Srl with registered office in via Molini n° 44 - 31030 Borso del Grappa (TV) - Italy which appoints Luna Srls (Bosa Customer Service) via Cristoforo Colombo 21, 40131 Bologna with data processing.


Data can be communicated, for the above-listed Processing purposes, to natural or legal persons, agencies or consortiums appointed by Bosa di Italo Bosa Srl to provide processing services that are instrumental to or supportive of those by Bosa di Italo Bosa Srl and, in particular: companies that perform data processing services, accounting, commercial, managerial, insurance services, banking and finance services, experts, consultants, lawyers, association organizations, public administrations, universities and research centers. Data can also be communicated to companies that are even indirectly controlled and/or connected to Bosa di Italo Bosa Srl.


A detailed list of the subjects to whom data may be communicated is available at the offices of Bosa di Italo Bosa Srl.


Data may be transferred abroad. Bosa di Italo Bosa Srl also informs you that, related to this Processing, you can exercise all the rights envisaged by article 13 of the Law including, in particular, the right to know your personal data that has been recorded, have this data updated, corrected or supplemented, oppose processing of data that is illegitimate or performed for commercial information purposes, delivery of advertising material, direct sales, interactive commercial communications. Bosa di Italo Bosa Srl also informs you that you have the right not to give your personal data. However your refusal to authorize Processing and communication to subjects belonging to the above-mentioned categories will make it impossible for you to carry out the purchase you desire.


Bosa di Italo Bosa Srl also points out that it is not owner of the authorization to process sensitive data (pursuant to art. 22 of the Law) and therefore you are requested not to input, into the special boxes, any personal data that may reveal your ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other convictions, political opinions, adhesion to political parties, unions, associations or organizations having a religious, philosophical, political or union nature nor which are able to reveal your state of health and sexual life.


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